Using a Poll to Close a Twitter Chat

News 08:06 June 2023:

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While using the Twitter social media platform, it id rather impossible to avoid hosting a chat every once in a while. This is evident among many twitter users today. Hosting a chat on this platform can be a fun way to share information among a number of members at the same time, but which is the best way to terminate a chat if you are the host? Among the best ways to conclude such a chat is by sharing a Twitter polls.

This does not necessarily imply that you have disagreed on a certain thing and would like the general public to vote on it. Instead, it is just creative and fun way to conclude a chat on Twitter, rather than saying Goodbye. In this regard, you should create a poll on this platform and share it with your followers, triggering the audience to answer a certain question that is probably related to the chat. For instance, you may ask the audience whether they will be tuning in for the next discussion.

In addition to collection user views, Twitter polls may also be used to conclude a chat on this social media platform.